[Info] New Guild Content: Tartarus' Labyrinth 3 2018.07.17

Greetings from the Summoners War Team! 


Are you ready to check out the third part of the upcoming update developer's note?

This update's developer's notes got longer because we had a lot to talk about the major update. 

It was a meaningful time for our team to introduce the update via several developer's notes and we thank all Summoners who shared feedbacks and comments through many channels.


Now, let's check out the last part of the upcoming update story below.



1. Tartarus' Labyrinth Rewards


- First of all, we will talk about the battle rewards you can get 3 times a day.


[Battle Victory Reward]

- Guild Points

- Mana Stones

- Reward Box (One type out of Rune/ Gem/ Grindstones types)


You can get the rewards listed above when you win a battle in the labyrinth.

The higher the difficulty of cleared stage you clear, the more Guild Points/ Mana Stones and better quality reward boxes you get.

The grades of Runes, Enchanted Gems, and Grindstones you can obtain from the reward boxes are as follows:

(For Speed Limit Stages where you have to clear as many Waves as possible during a limited time, the number of cleared Waves will matter regardless of the stage difficulty.)



We prepared a special way of collecting the battle victory rewards.

After a reward box is shown on the battle clear screen, three random set options will be shown, and you can choose one of them of your choice to acquire.


Now, we will talk about the final rewards you will earn when the labyrinth is cleared.

As you may remember, we mentioned that you have 14 days to clear one labyrinth, and the faster you clear the labyrinth, the better reward you can get.


When the final boss Tartarus is cleared, all the Guild Members who participated in the labyrinth exploration will receive a clear reward box, and its grade will be determined based on the time consumed to clear Tartarus.


- Rewards of each grade based on the clear time


You will earn points whenever you win in a battle in the labyrinth, and the points you earn will be accumulated. The more points you accumulate, the greater the number of reward boxes you will earn. In other words, all the Guild Members will receive the same grade of reward boxes, but the more you contribute, the more reward boxes you can open. One Guild Member can obtain up to 3 reward boxes depending on how much he or she contributed to clear the labyrinth.


Now, we will walk you through on what kind of rewards you will get from the obtained reward boxes.



Have you noticed that there are some items that you haven’t seen before?

New items, [Immemorial Grindstones] and [Immemorial Gems], will be added to the game and available as rewards from the Tartarus’ Labyrinth.



The [Immemorial Grindstones] and [Immemorial Gems] are new enchanted items.

They will work in the same way as the previous Grindstones and Enchanted Gems, but they can be used on the runes regardless of the rune set types.

Additionally, the basic rules of enchantment will be applied as the same. For instance, you cannot use the [Immemorial Gem] that grants HP (%) to a rune with the main property of HP (%).


2. Q&A Session​ 


We’d like to answer some of questions that Summoners have had regarding the Tartarus’ Labyrinth content. Please check below!


Q: Can I use the Monsters that were used in a battle that I won again?

A: You will not be able to use the Monsters used in the battle you won on the same day, but you will be able to use them again on the next day.


Q: How much Energy will be consumed to enter a battle?

A: 10 Energy will be consumed to enter a battle, regardless of the stage difficulty levels (Normal/ Hard/ Hell).


Q: Can I attack Tartarus even when the Guardians of Labyrinth (mid-bosses) stages haven't been found or cleared?

A: You can battle against Tartarus but please keep in mind that Tartarus will be stronger if there are Guardians of Labyrinth still alive.


Q: Are the bosses affected by the attribute correlations?

A: Yes, the bosses will be affected by the attribute correlations. Each Guardian of Labyrinth has its own attribute, but the final boss Tartarus’ attributes will constantly change.


Q: What kind of leader skills will be used in the labyrinth?

A: Leader skills that have no content limit and the guild battle leader skills can be used. The description of guild battle-related leader skills will also be modified from guild battles to guild content accordingly.


Q: For bosses’ instant defeat attack, will the Endure effect work?

A: The Endure effect won’t work on the attacks of bosses with the instant defeat effect.


Q: When can we start to explore the labyrinth after the update is released?

A: After the update, the first labyrinth exploration will begin when the Guild Masters or Vice Guild Masters enter the labyrinth and tap the button to start the exploration. Afterwards, a feature that enables Guilds to automatically begin explorations will be available.

We'd very much appreciate it if the Guild Masters and Vice Guild Masters manually enter the labyrinth and start off their Guild’s first labyrinth exploration!


Q: What can I do if I still have battle counts left but the labyrinth is already cleared?

A: Summoners who still have battle counts left can enter the stages that are opened or have been cleared until the midnight of the day the labyrinth is closed and receive stage battle rewards.

However, you can’t earn stage clear points or open new stages.


Q: What will happen if my Guild doesn’t clear a labyrinth within the time limit?

A: A labyrinth will be closed after 14 days (336 hours) from the starting date. If your Guild doesn’t clear the labyrinth within the time limit, no clear rewards will be given.


Q: When can we open a new labyrinth after we clear or failed to clear a labyrinth?

A: Your guild can explore a new labyrinth after 6 hours since midnight (12am) of the day that a labyrinth was closed. (You can enter the new labyrinth at 6am of the next day)

* Based on server time


Q: When can I enter a labyrinth after joining a Guild?

A: You can enter a labyrinth after midnight (12am) of the day you joined a Guild. In addition, if a new Guild is created, the Guild can start exploring a labyrinth from 6am of the next day.

* Based on server time



3. Ending the Developer’s Note


We hope today’s developer’s note was helpful for you to better understand the labyrinth content.


Please be aware that the developer's note has been written during the development stage and some content might change. We ask for your kind understanding in advance.


The Tartarus’ Labyrinth update will be released sometime in July. 

We’d like to introduce this content as soon as possible and are doing our very best on polishing the content to provide you with the best gameplay experience.


In addition, there will be various update features and improvements along with the labyrinth content. 

Many of them are focused on the guild activities, so we encourage Summoners to actively participate in guild activities!


Thank you always for giving love and feedbacks, and we hope this update that we have prepared for a long time will bring you joy and excitement.

Please stay tuned for the labyrinth update and another developer’s note in near future.


Thank you for playing Summoners War!