Developer's Note

[Info] New Guild Content: Tartarus' Labyrinth 2

Greetings from the Summoners War Team!


We are here today to talk about the second part of the upcoming update.

The official title has been decided after our developer's note part 1 was released.

The Ancient Labyrinth is now called as the [Tartarus' Labyrinth].


Let's cut to the chase and learn more about it!​


Guardians of Labyrinth


When you explore a labyrinth, you will encounter with 3 mid-bosses, Guardians of Labyrinth, and the final boss, Tartarus.

First, we will explain more about 3 Guardians of Labyrinth.


Each of Guardians of Labyrinth has one attack skill, but don't underestimate them because they only have one skill.

The Guardians of Labyrinth have a special ability to strengthen their attacking skills by absorbing the [Immemorial Magic Power] with rune patterns next to each guardian.



Kotos (Fire Attribute)

Kotos is an aggressive guardian who attacks with swords in both hands.

Kotos grants continuous damage when attacking, and has an attack skill that inflicts certain amount of additional damage proportionate to the MAX HP based on the no. of continuous damage effects granted on the enemies who are under the continuous damage.





Leos (Water Attribute)


Leos uses a giant two-handed hammer to attack.

Leos has a basic skill of attacking all enemies with a giant hammer and freezes them with a fixed chance.




Guilles (Wind Attribute)

Guilles has a one-handed blunt weapon and a shield. Guilles is a guardian with the most defensive characteristic. It has a basic skill of attacking all enemies with a one-handed weapon and drains the damage dealt.



Each of Immemorial Magic Power can be destroyed, meaning that you can greatly decrease the power of Guardians of Labyrinth by destroying them first before the guardians absorb their power.

It will be fun to strategize your way - to attack the guardians first or destroy the Immemorial Magic Power first and then attack the guardians.


Next, let's talk about the final boss of the Tartarus' Labyrinth.


​ Final Boss - Tartarus



Tartarus, the Ruler of Labyrinth


Unlike the Guardians of Labyrinth that use different weapons, Tartarus rather uses his giant hands and powerful breath to attack.


See below to learn more about the skill types that Tartarus uses.




There is one more important thing about Tartarus!

The bosses of labyrinth have a strong bond with one another, so the survival status of Guardians of Labyrinth will affect Tartarus.

Tartarus will become stronger when the Guardians of Labyrinth are alive. In other words, the more Guardians of Labyrinth you defeat, the weaker Tartarus becomes.


One of the great strategies we suggest is to attack the Guardians of Labyrinth first before challenging the mighty Tartarus.


Today, we introduced you about the bosses you'll encounter in the labyrinth.

Please be aware that the developer's note has been written during the development stage and some content might change. We ask for your kind understanding in advance.


We now only have one more developer's note to share regarding the Tartarus' Labyrinth!

We'll be talking about the rewards that users can acquire from the Tartarus' Labyrinth and answering some questions that Summoners had regarding the developer's notes.


Thank you all Summoners for waiting the updates and we'll work hard to present more fun and excitement to all.


We will be back with another developer's note soon, so please stay tuned.