Developer's Note

[Info] Rift Raid Improvement and Repeat Battle Notice

Greetings from the Summoners War Development team!

In this developer's note, we will be talking about our upcoming update of Rift Raid improvement.

In the past, we have improved the Rift Raid and introduced it through the developer's note, hoping that the Rift Raid will become content where more Summoners can challenge and enjoy.

We've planned another improvement update to make sure our goal can be achieved by our Summoners.

We will walk you through about our update step by step, so please continue to read the note below.

▶ Rift Raid Repeat Battle

We believe this is something many of you have been waiting for since our Repeat Battle update!

Seeing many Summoners with positive opinions and support after the introduction of the Repeat Battle system, our team gained the confidence that adding the Repeat Battle system into the Rift Raid will impact Summoners War in a positive and fun way.

However, since the Rift Raid is not a single player content, we had to take a closer look at how to implement it to the Repeat Battle.

As a result, we have come up with the following Rift Raid Repeat Battle. 

First of all, we will briefly introduce the Rift Raid Repeat Battle and follow up with more detailed explanations.


<Rift Raid Repeat Battle>

- You can battle 10 times in a row.

- Rift Raid Repeat Battle can be played through [World Map > Rift of Words > Rift Raid] directly, instead of going through the Gateway.

- New party making menu will be added for the Rift Raid Repeat Battle. You will be able to select the party participation, and UIs will be improved as well.

: Summoners can create a party set for the Repeat Battle or join a party created for the Repeat Battle to proceed.

- The UI will be improved to check the reward you acquired during the Repeat Battle, similar to the existing Repeat Battle.


One of the first things our team discussed while preparing for the Rift Raid Repeat Battle was the change of the matchmaking and party creation processes.

There will be some Summoners who would want to play few runs and Summoners who would want to go for many runs with the matched Summoners. Therefore, we decided to improve the party making and participation methods so that each Summoner can select and participate according to the situation or purpose.

Now, we will explain more about how to proceed with the improved party making and participation process. Please take a look at the images below.

▶ Make & Join Rift Raid Party

This will be the first screen you will see when you enter the Rift Raid.

① [Make Party] Make a party for the Rift Raid you want to play.

: More details will be introduced later on. 

② [Party List] You can check the raid parties already created by other Summoners and join one.

: The existing raid party matchmaking feature will be removed and will be replaced with this [Party List] menu instead.

: The [Party List] Menu displays the raid parties already created by other Summoners. You will be able to see the room title, difficulty level and repeat battle condition and join one you want.

Please continue to read below to learn how to make a party.

▶ Make a Rift Raid Party

The above menu will show up when you tap the [Make Party] button.

① Enter the room title.

② Set up the raid difficulty level.

③ Select the battle method. 

: Normal Battle refers to a single battle, and Repeat Battle refers to 10-time repeat battle.

④ Select the public/private condition of the party.

Did you notice that the menu has more options than before?

With this, you will be able to create a raid party for the battle type of your choice.

If you can't find the party you're looking for on the list, try creating one for yourself!

Moreover, the invitation feature has also been improved.

In addition to the invitation feature where you can invite your friends or guild members one by one, a sharing feature that allows you to promote your party via regular chat or guild chat will be added.

▶ Rift Raid Party Invite

A menu will pop up when you tap the [Invite] Button in the raid party preparation screen. This looks the same as the existing raid invitation, right?

And this is the menu you will see when you tap the [Invite] Button.

With the new Share menu, you will be able to invite the Summoners you would want to play the Rift Raid with or promote your party via chat.

As shown in the image, you can select in which chat - normal or guild - you want to promote your party, and tap the Share button to send out a raid party promotion message.

The promotion message will look like this!

When you tap the shared message, you can check the party info and join one instantly.

You can not only share the promotion message to your guild members but also to Summoners of the same chat channel, helping you to recruit members for your party more easily!

Now you have all members for your party, it's time to start the Rift Raid battle!

Let's see few more images about how the Rift Raid Repeat Battle will proceed with explanations.

▶ Rift Raid Repeat Battle Screen

In the battle screen, you can check the no. of battles you are running and the acquired rewards from the battle by tapping the [Acquired Reward] Icon.

The above information will be displayed when you tap the Acquired Reward Menu.

You can sell the Grindstones and Gems acquired while running the Repeat Battle.

This is the Rift Raid Repeat Battle ending UI. The UI will show the information of acquired rewards and the average contribution percentage of your party members. 

During the development process, we thought it would be nice if Summoners could use Grindstones and Gems acquired from the Repeat Battle to enchant their Runes directly.

Unfortunately, we could not implement this function this time due to the development schedule. But please note that our team is working hard to allow Summoners to bring up the rune management menu during the Repeat Battle, so please stay tuned. (We expect to add this via December update.)

Lastly, we would like to talk about the Rift Raid Repeat Battle rules.

▶ Rift Raid Repeat Battle Rules ==========================

- A total of 10 battles will proceed for one Repeat Battle. There is no limit to the no. of times you can use the Repeat Battle.

- You can run the Repeat Battle only on the difficulty levels you can enter.

- You cannot receive deck support from your friends/ guild members.

- You can proceed with the Additional Placement. (You can place up to 2 decks of yours.)

- The battle will start only when you have enough Energy to run the Repeat Battle (10-time battle) at the start of the Repeat Battle.

- You cannot use other non-battle content during the battle.

: In the case of Rift Raid Repeat Battle, you won't be able to minimize the battle screen and use other contents like the existing Repeat Battle.

- The Repeat Battle will end in the following conditions:

: When the 10 battles end

: When you get defeated in a battle

: When a party member leaves the battle while the battle is ongoing


This is all we have for today about the Rift Raid Improvement!

We hope this improvement will help Summoners to enjoy the Rift Raid even more, and we will continue to listen to your comments and feedback to provide the best-quality content as possible. So please don't hesitate to share your comments!

Please note that our team is working hard to make this improvement via next update.

The developer's note is intended to help you understand the upcoming updates in advance. 

As development and testing are still underway, we ask you to understand that the actual update may be different from what we have shared in this note.

Before ending the note, we would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to our Summoners.

SWC2020 World Finals, which was held on Nov. 20th, has ended successfully thanks to your support and interest. Every match was filled with excitement and tension that made our palms sweat.

We would like to send our love to all the players who did their best in the tournament and to all Summoners who have enjoyed and watched the streaming throughout the time.

We will be back with more polished and upgraded SWC in 2021, and we look forward to see your support again.

Please stay tuned for the upcoming update, and we will see you again in another developer's note!

Thank you.