[Info] Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Collaboration Notice 2020.08.21

Greetings from the Summoners War Development Team!


We are excited to talk about the collaboration that Summoners War is preparing.

This will be Summoners War's first collaboration since its 6 years of service!

We hope this collaboration will bring more joy to the game.



Summoners War X "Street Fighter V: Champion Edition"

Summoners War has teamed up with “Street Fighter V: Champion Edition” (hereinafter Street Fighter V)!


“Street Fighter V” is the latest version of the “Street Fighter” series. As many of you are well aware, “Street Fighter” is one of the main game titles by Capcom with a massive fan-base worldwide.


Street Fighter, a fighting video game franchise, has been releasing various series over the years with unique characters and still continues to be loved by gamers in esports as well.


Even though the two games have different genres, they sure do share something in common – love and support from worldwide players in their respective fields for a long time! We wanted to reinterpret Street Fighter V in our own way and introduce it in Summoners War. In particular, we wanted to express the attractive elements of Street Fighter V characters with distinct features so they will blend into Summoners War well.



Street Fighter V Collaboration Monsters


In Summoners War, five characters will be added, [RYU, KEN, M. BISON, CHUN-LI and DHALSIM] among 40 characters that appear in Street Fighter V, as the collaboration Monsters.

These five characters will use their own name, and no unawakened form will be available.

By now, you may wonder what kinds of skills they will have.


Please take a look at the chart below for the skills of RYU (Wind), KEN (Fire), M. BISON (Dark), CHUN-LI (Water) and DHALSIM (Wind).

Did you notice the familiar skill names?

RYU’s Hadoken and M. BISON’s Psycho Crusher have been reborn in our game.​

We have only revealed the skills of few attributes in this note. For other attributes and skills, please check them out in the game after the update.


Collaboration Schedule and How to Acquire Monsters


- Collaboration Schedule

The collaboration will be held for 2 months (September – October), and the detailed date will be informed through a separate notice.

The collaboration monsters can be acquired from summons during this time. Also, please note that the collaboration monsters won’t be summoned anymore after the collaboration period ends.

However, the summoned collaboration monsters can be used permanently.


- How to Summon Collaboration Monsters

The monsters can be summoned from the existing summoning methods (Mystical Summon, Mystical Scrolls, Mystical Guild Scrolls, Attribute Scrolls, L&D Scrolls, Legendary Scrolls, Legendary Attribute Scrolls and Transcendence Scrolls) with a fixed chance.

In addition, a Street Fighter V Scroll which only summons collaboration monsters can be acquired through various events that will be held during the time of the collaboration update.


- What’s the Street Fighter V Scroll?

It’s a scroll that summons only collaboration monsters. Collaboration monsters of all attributes (Water/Fire/Wind/Light/Dark) can be summoned.


While we were preparing the collaboration, we had one big concern – that the users won’t be able to acquire the collaboration monsters after the collaboration period ends.

One of Summoners War’s characteristics is that users can play the game with various strategies and combinations using many monsters.

Due to the nature of the collaboration event, the related monsters cannot be acquired after the event ends. And as a result, we were wondering whether this will affect our game balance or strategical side.

Also, users who didn’t have a chance to play the game during this period (new users or existing users who couldn’t meet the time to play the game) may feel deprived of not owning these collaboration monsters.


As mentioned earlier, the collaboration is provided for a limited period of time and it was difficult to solve this matter fundamentally. After a lot of discussions, we have come up with our original monsters that can replace the collaboration monsters.




Summoners War's Original Monsters


Please take a look at the image first.

These are the original monsters of Summoners War that will replace the collaboration monsters. 


These original monsters have different appearance and/or skill visual effects than that of collaboration monsters, but will have the same stats and skills.

The original monsters can be used as power-up materials for collaboration monsters to level up the skills, and the collaboration monsters can also be used as power-up materials for original monsters.


The original monsters will be available in the game after the collaboration period ends (November). We will inform more detailed info via update notice when this update is ready.


Lastly, we would like to mention some other info that we would like to discuss in today’s note.


Additional Info


- The collaboration monsters will be temporarily restricted in 2020 World Arena content.

Because the collaboration monsters that can be acquired during a limited period are a special case, we would like to limit the use of the collaboration monsters until the original monsters are officially released.


The original monsters are scheduled to be officially serviced in November 2020, and the use of the original monsters will also be restricted until the end of World Arena season 15 as same as the collaboration monsters. Also, for the same reason, the use of the monsters will be restricted in SWC2020.


Instead, the collaboration monsters and original monsters can be used in all other contents except World Arena.


- The original monsters will be updated to China server at the time of the collaboration monster update.

We wanted to introduce the collaboration monsters to Summoners of all servers, but due to internal circumstances, the collaboration update will be available in servers excluding China server.

For this reason, the original monsters will be available in China server when the collaboration update is released.



All contents and events related to the collaboration will be available with the same contexts except that the collaboration monsters will be changed to the original monsters. We ask for your kind understanding.


This is all we have prepared for today!

We have worked hard for this collaboration update, so please stay tuned.


The content discussed in today’s note will be available via the next update, and various events will also be available together. 


(The Developer's Note is intended to help you understand the upcoming updates in advance.

As development and testing are still underway, we ask you to understand that the actual update may be different from what we have shared in this Developer's Note.)


One last info!

We believe many of you are curious about the auto battle system.


Currently, our team is developing the system to be included in the first update of September.

We ask for your patience and understanding as our team is constantly discussing and preparing the system to be reasonable and efficient. We think the next topic of the developer's note will be about the auto battle system :).


We will be back with more exciting content!

Thank you for reading the developer's note.